Countywide CardPost exhibit
shows 118 small masterpieces

June 11, 2014
Santa Paula News

It doesn’t have to cover the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to be considered a masterpiece as demonstrated by an exhibit of postcard size masterpieces that is now on display in Ventura.

Thirty artists representing eight cities in Ventura - including Santa Paula - and Santa Barbara counties are currently participating in the “CardPost” exhibit at Bell Arts Factory Studio 35.  

Postcard sized masterpieces by Santa Paula Society of the Arts members Wana Klasen, Judy Dressler and Luanne Perez are on display, as is the work of Santa Paula-based artist Adrienne Ansberry.

Bell Arts Factory Resident Artist Karen Scott Browdy of Fillmore has invited friends, colleagues and students to create postcard size art pieces in a wide range of mediums.  

Offered for sale anonymously and at a modest price, Browdy said the postcard masterpieces, “Offer an art patron the opportunity to obtain a unique, easily frame-able painting, encaustic, collage or drawing.”

The 30 artists have created 118 cards 

The 118 cards are displayed together on a wall in Studio 35 along with a list of the artists who created them. 

Browdy said although the works are sold anonymously, the purchaser receives a brief bio/statement from the artist along with the card, signed on the back by the artist.

The display at Bell Arts Factory Studio 35, located at 432 N. Ventura Ave., Ventura, is in place through June 30.

Call (805) 643-1960 for more information.

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