On Wednesday, May 28th, Isbell honored 47 students with awards for Mathematics, Science, English, History for all 3 grade levels. The big award winners are listed below

Isbell Middle School honors
47 students with awards

June 06, 2014
Santa Paula News

Lou Lingo Award    

Deven Leon                         

Raina  Silberman

Winner Brittaney Van Buren                       

Finalist Isaiah Ruiz                    

Finalist Bethaney Valenzuela

 Linda Spink

Winner Celeste Ramirez  

Finalist Morylyn Gonzalez

Finalist Jessica C. Rodriguez

John Devine

Winner Analisa Cordova    

Finalist Angelica Rico 

Finalist Alejandro Fuentes  

Isbell Service Award

Winner Cynthia Margarita Cruz                  

Finalist Isaiah Ruiz

Finalist Gabriel Hernandez

Doug Stewart

Winner Bodde Stewart                                      

Finalist  Deven Leon

Finalist  Carlos Gomez

Elizabeth Ramsay

Winner Lauren Alamillo                                

Finalist Jessica C. Rodriguez

Finalist Melissa Andrade Garza

Finalist Sandra Bermudez

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