Rodriguez, Conrad honored as
May Educators of the Month

June 04, 2014
Santa Paula News

With summer coming the Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce decided at their June Good Morning Santa Paula breakfast meeting to honor two outstanding Educators of the Month - Glen City Elementary School’s Ana Rodriguez and George Conrad of Renaissance High School.

Glen City Principal Sheryl Misenhimer said Rodriguez “Has been with our district for eight years,” teaching various grade levels and next semester taking on 3rd graders.

Rodriguez is also the “Head of the Migrant Schools program,” and willingly works Saturdays and other times for the program.

“She is also my assistant, the teacher in charge when I need any help,” and Misenhimer said Rodriguez works “In the office with me two days a week... she’s fabulous, the children adore her. If you have a child, you want Ana to be their teacher.”

Misenhimer noted she is retiring at the end of the school year, and “I’m thrilled my last year I get to bring her to you,” to recognize Rodriguez’s accomplishments.

“I’m so happy to be here,” said Rodriguez who noted, “It’s a blessing” to be in Santa Paula as well as a district teacher for eight years.

“This was the first district that welcomed me full-time,” after she began her teaching career with stints in Los Angeles and Oxnard.

Rodriguez said it is “an honor to work with families of Santa Paula and teach the children of our city. I hope for a long and lasting career in this town, I love it so much.

“It is a privilege to be here in front of you people,” and said Rodriguez, “I thank you... “

George Conrad, said Renaissance High School Principal Robin Gillette, has been with the school since 1990, “And is also my teacher in charge when I leave... the whole time he’s been at the school he has always taught math and algebra,” subjects that Conrad has been recognized as excelling at. 

Gillette said Renaissance, a so-called continuation school, is often misunderstood but “There is no difference in the classes or the rigor of instruction,” and expectations, “so when we turn the students back to Santa Paula High School it is a smooth transition.”

Although difficult subjects Conrad “Does wonders,” working closely with students.

Gillette said even if students have failed classes in the past, even those “in their third run,” of attempting to understand the intricacies of algebra and trigonometry, “When he gets a hold of them, they get it... “ 

When students were asked what makes Conrad “so special, they said ‘He never gives up, will explain it again and again in different ways’ “ until students understand the calculations.

Conrad is “dedicated... we have large classes that can be mixed,” with instruction in algebra and trigonometry as well as other math studies.

So adroitly does Conrad Gillette said, “He’s like a wonderful conductor of a large orchestra... we’re so pleased to have George at Renaissance and hope he remains there for a very long time.”

“I would like to thank you very much,” said Conrad, who noted he was finishing his 24th year teaching at Renaissance.

“I’ve always felt they do a very good job there,” in educating the students, as demonstrated by its accreditation and high graduation rates.

“When I was first hired at Renaissance 24 years ago I was the science teacher,” and had to wait three years before he garnered the math assignment.

Conrad noted, “It is difficult to accept things like his when everybody at Renaissance is doing a wonderful job... my coworkers should also be here.”

He added that in April his wife Colleen, a Blanchard School 2nd and 3rd grade teacher, “Was up here getting the same award... I appreciate what you did for her and for me.”

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