Community responds to loss
of high school band booster funds

May 07, 2014
Santa Paula News

Santa Paula High School Band Director Doug Kadansky says he is overwhelmed with the community response to the alleged embezzlement of $17,000 from the band Booster Club account.

He said that the band’s “Free Cupcake Sale” Friday at Cruise Night brought in an amazing $5,000. Online donations are at about $3,000 and the Rotary Club has given the band a $2,000 donation. Police Chief Steve McClean has also been accepting donations at the police station. In addition the Santa Paula High School band will be holding a special concert Saturday, May 10 at 7:00 pm in the SPHS auditorium. Tickets will be sold at the door for $10.

All of the money was to be used to pay the way for 44 band members to play in a national competition at a San Francisco festival May 16-18. Tickets for the concert are $10. Band Director Doug Kadansky said he’s hoping that they can get 900 people to attend. “We’re doing all we can to support our kids,” Kadansky said. “It’s a shameful thing.” He said the kids were at first in shock when told of the missing funds, but then rallied to make sure the San Francisco trip happens.

In addition to the concert Lucia C. Perez is seeking funds to allow band members to make the trip, and donations can be made online,

Kadansky added, “We’ll let the legal system take its course. We want to represent the community. We want to do what we do best, play music.” He said the band will receive a national rating for their performance. There are at least 2,000 bands playing in festivals around the nation over the next eight weeks. “I thank the community for their support of the music program,” he added. Kadansky said the tour will happen. “It’s just a question of how much will I have to pay,” he said.”the kids have been working too hard.” He added that they need the money in hand by May 12.

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