Santa Paula High students reach reading heights

January 22, 2014
Santa Paula News

By Annette Halpern

Teacher, Santa Paula 

High School

Principal Elizabeth Garcia of Santa Paula High School is pleased to announce the names of the top ten Accelerated Readers for the fall semester.  The Accelerated Reader is a computer managed reading program in which students earn points for reading books and passing their corresponding comprehension quizzes.  

Topping the list is freshman Erik Nelson who read thirty seven books, earning a grand total of 413 points.  Following behind in the number two place is junior Johanna Contreras, who scored 155 points as a result of reading twelve books, while sophomore Raul Penuelas scored third with 150 points.  Ninth graders Juan C. Perez (144 points), Jesus Juarez (134 points), and Mireille Vargas (121) took fourth, fifth, and six places respectively with sophomore Nicole Mayes coming in seventh with 115 points.  Freshman Maria Ochoa (107 points), senior Lauren Lazos (98), and junior Leandra Mijares (95) ranked eighth, ninth, and tenth. 

Additional students who excelled in the Accelerated Reader Program during the fall included:  Osvaldo Ambriz, Estefany Mendoza, Michelle Arciniega Diaz, Sierra De Anda, Veronica Perez, Miranda Magana, Hannah Espinoza, Maria Odalys Perez, Mariela Cisneros, Sofia Fernandez, Mayra Ruiz, Zackery Lowe, Absalon Sanchez, Breana Gutierrez, Jonathan Paredes, Michael Balsach, Viviana Avelar, Kirsten Brock, Brianna Seward, Maria Terrazas, Natali Mendez, Jessica Arenas, Migues Nunez, Marcos Hernandez, Sergio Saucedo, Giovanni Flores, Alana Chavez, Simone Soriano, Victoria Dover, and Jazmin Rostami.

All of these students made efforts to become better readers by reading a variety of books and passing their tests with high marks.  Among the more impressive titles that students tackled were George Orwell’s 1984 and Victor Villasenor’s Rain of Gold.  

“It has been my experience that most of the students who earn many AR points are my best students.  They get extensive exposure to new vocabulary, ideas and experiences, and good writing skills, which is reflected in their work.   I will continue to encourage my students to read from the AR program and, hopefully, this will create a lifelong habit,” commented veteran English teacher Pamela Thompson.

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