Letters to the Editor

December 27, 2013

Packages Stolen

To the Editor:

To the parents of a teenage thief:

On December 19th at 1:56 P.M, a newly-delivered package was sitting at my door after having been delivered by the US Postal Service just 40 minutes before.  It was a large box which contained Christmas presents for my grandchildren that were ordered through Amazon.  These special gifts were chosen with loving care so that Santa could remain alive in the children’s hearts, even though they were traveling to Grandma’s house for Christmas, which is not Santa’s usual destination. These were to be the only gifts under the tree for the three children, ages 5, 3 and 1.  Great ages for believing in the magic of Christmas, don’t you think? 

I suppose that the magic and the meaning of Christmas is not in the hearts of ALL, however, because at the exact hour of 1:56 P.M. on December 19, two teenage boys (likely between 14 and 16) who were walking past my house, chose to brazenly walk up to my front door and steal the box containing these lovingly chosen and very special Christmas gifts!  Since these gifts were for very small children, one would have to suppose that these boys will be giving the gifts to someone else. 

How do I know the exact time and date, you ask? Because I have the entire event on camera with a very clear shot of the face of the boy with long blond hair stealing the box and running away with it, along with his accomplice friend. The unwanted contents of the parcel, which included baby gifts along with the empty box, were thrown over a fence on Peck Road near Foothill and returned to me by a neighbor. 

SO, I am writing this letter to alert the parents or guardians of two teenage boys who walk to school down Peck Road and who live in the vicinity of Foothill and Peck Roads, that your sons are thieves.  

If the gifts of “The Amazing Spiderman Deluxe Rapid-Fire Web Shooter Pack” and the “POOF-Slinky Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit” suddenly appear either under your tree as a gift for another child or under the bed of your son, you might want to let him know that his photo has been given to the Santa Paula Police and that he is wanted for the serious offense of stealing U.S. mail. 

I have every intention of prosecuting these thieves once they are identified. 

The choice to take something that belongs to someone else has consequences which reach much further than the present moment in which the choice was made.  Christmas Karma can be a bitch. 


 Dee Johnston

Santa Paula

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