Pictured with Tina Urias, Treasurer of the Latino Town Hall and President of the Santa Paula Unified School Board is Robin Gillette, Principal of Renaissance High School accepting a donation from Latino Town Hall.

Renaissance High School thanks Latino Town Hall

October 11, 2013
Santa Paula News

In the shared belief that “Positive Reinforcement” plays a vital role in student success; Latino Town Hall has given a monetary contribution to the “Positive Reinforcement - Recognition Program” at Renaissance High School.  

Numerous research studies have concluded that positive school climates are associated with higher levels of student achievement and lower rates of school dropout.  It is also noted that consistent efforts are made by all Renaissance High School staff to build a climate that focuses on the positive. This monetary donation and support that Latino Town Hall provides allows Renaissance High School to continue its “Focus on the Positive.”  

Principal Robin Gillette states, “Without this type of support, belief, and generosity from Latino Town Hall it would be very difficult to have a successful “Positive Reinforcement - Recognition Program.” This type of community support is one of the components that were instrumental in Renaissance High School being recognized as a model SARB program for the state of California.”  Renaissance High School staff and student body wish to extend a huge thank you to Latino Town Hall for believing in and supporting us.

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