SPMH Sewing Committee:

September 12, 2001
Santa Paula News
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesSanta Paula Memorial Hospital is looking for a few good seamstresses, and if you like to mix your needle handiwork with volunteerism, the SPMH Auxiliary has a job for you.On the heels of wishing longtime volunteer and Sewing Committee Co-Chairwoman Virginia Headley of Fillmore, goodbye, more sewers are needed, according to co-chairwoman Angie Sheldon.The committee meets to create ? comfort? pillows that help patients when they cough, clown puppets, newborn stocking caps and Christmas stockings.?We?re down to about four people now,? said Sheldon, an Auxiliary Charter member since ?Sept. 10, 1962. . .I?ve done a lot of sewing!?Not only are volunteers needed but some advice on a source for preformed puppet faces. ?We?re having a problem with those, we can?t find any. I called the supplier in New York where we got our last batch and they were out of business.?The Sewing Committee would take the preformed puppet faces and finish them off with a body and hat, providing a perfect toy for a sick child being treated and a positive reminder of their stay when they were released from SPMH and took their new puppet friend home.?For the time being, we?re substituting the puppets,? with Beanie Baby-type creations, Sheldon noted.
The Sewing Committee averages about 110 hours a year creating the little things that help ease a stay in the hospital and thereafter: the practical ?comfort? pillows are also known as cough pillows due to their use.Like the newborn stocking caps and toys, the ?comfort? pillows go home with the patient.For more information on the SPMH Auxiliary Sewing Committee, call Sheldon at 524-1890.?We?re really going to miss Virginia. . .she sews wonderfully and is a wonderful friend. There?s a lot of satisfaction in helping someone, the volunteering, and we have quite a bit of fun while we sew,? Sheldon said.And the Sewing Committee is perfect for those who like to hold the results of their interest in volunteerism.

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