Letters to the Editor

December 21, 2012

Donors appreciated

To the Editor:

The Santa Paula Veterans of Foreign Wars Mercer-Prieto Post 2043 enjoyed their annual Christmas Dinner on Thursday December 13, 2012. The dinner was held at the St Paul’s Lutheran and Episcopal Church hall. Sincere thanks to Pastor Ron Dybvig and Donna Kent for all their support.

We would like to thank all our Post members who were able to attend, their wives and families, and to their guests, for all their support, the excellent food and dessert dishes they all provided to make this a very special Christmas Dinner. The Santa Paula VFW Post 2043 purchases and prepares the complete meal for the dinner. 

The post receives generous support each year from many local merchants and we would like to acknowledge them for their support: Santa Paula Chevrolet, Frank’s Paint & Hardware, Seeber’s Pharmacy, El Pescador, La Cabaña, and Familia Diaz restaurants for their generous donations. A special donation was also provided to the Post 2043 by Trader Joe’s of Ventura. These donations are the highlight to our Post Christmas Dinner with a no cost raffle for our members and their family. 

Thank you.

Gerald V. Olivas 

Commander VFW Post 2043 

Santa Paula

The trains

To the Editor:

The Odd Fellows Lodge members Les Easley and wife Sandy, Carlos Juarez and wife Heidi and many friends have spent “many days” labor to build a railroad that covers the whole big room upstairs that includes freight, passenger logging trains, a streetcar, many many lighted buildings, much lighting and so much I don’t have a large enough page to mention. It is a very enjoyable sight to see with 800 feet of track.

Go along slowly so you don’t miss anything in this huge quality project. These are rail trains and cars for professional exacting hobbyists at their best to be realistic as possible. This is the same trains some hobbyists run through their yards. It also gives one a chance to see what the “big” railroads are like.

There is a small donation to help the very large cost to repair the 100 year old Seth-Thomas clock atop the building for all to look to see what time it is. This huge project will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday before and after Christmas. Friday 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Last days are the weekend after Christmas, December 28, 29 and 30. Come early and stay awhile or sit and watch all the action travel by. And the nutcracker collection. And Merry Christmas to all of you.

Ken Zimmet

Santa Paula

Re: Taxing the Rich Poor

To the Editor:

Although it may appear to be a misprint or the perfect oxymoron phrase there was no other way to describe what happened to California’s “low information voter”. Obama and his followers have been lamenting about taxing the rich or as commonly spoken “paying their fair share” but is there something missing when the majority of California voters actually vote to raise taxes on themselves via Proposition 30 which passed last November 6, 2012? Why would sane people want to toss some of their much-needed disposable income down the bottomless abyss? Has the State of California gotten out of the “red” since the last “temporary” state sales tax, and the one before that? If anyone answers to the affirmative then it’s an answer from the “low information voter”. California voters were at one time synonymous with California’s economy; smart, 1st in the nation, rational and sophisticated, etc. An uninformed individual or one lacking understanding will usually make decisions based on emotions or coercion and would be easily led astray and bamboozled. One would question the assertion and description of “low information voter” but think about it; would a rational voter vote for tax increases with no guaranteed positive results? After the Jerry Brown’s “Medfly” debacle as Governor of California and unsuccessful 1982 run for U.S. Senate, Governor “moonbeam” was almost washed up. This professional politician that has held many public offices and was looked upon as a “nutty guy” actually had a hand in getting Proposition 30 through the voters “critical thinking” process. Many new taxes await us next year and many in the “middleclass” expect to be exempt but they have a rude awakening ahead. For some that have now retired keep in mind if you made little or no “retirement investments” you may not enjoy the milk & honey that you once fantasized. Many have jumped into the latest national crisis mourning and have put on their “for the children” costume and grabbed their pitchforks to rally for gun control but really, look at the abuse that has been perpetrated against our youth in passing this debt onto their future because of our foolishness and this is for all of them not just the unfortunate 20.

Andrew F. Castaneda

Santa Paula

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