Prison for Fillmore man convicted for murder of Ventura store clerk

September 07, 2012
Santa Paula News

A Fillmore man whose attempted robbery of a Santa Paula market was followed two weeks later with the brutal murder of a Ventura convenience store clerk was sentenced on two charges to life without parole and 42 years to life.

Sean Odle, 30 of Ventura, was fatally shot by Gregorio Aguilar, 22, at the Circle K on East Main Street in Ventura in the early morning hours of December 26, 2008.

Aguilar was found guilty last month when the jury also found true the special circumstances that Aguilar committed the murder during a robbery and used a gun. He was also convicted of attempted robbery.

Jurors also convicted Aguilar of a robbery at a Fillmore gas station December 11, 2008, and the attempted robbery of the Central Market, 3506 E. Main St. in Santa Paula, which occurred the following day on December 12, 2008. In each case, Aguilar was carrying a rifle.

Aguilar and an accomplice - who hasn’t been arrested - entered the Circle K and demanded that Odle open the cash register. Instead, he went to the register and used a cellphone to dial 911.

Aguilar pulled the trigger of the rifle, but the safety was on. Although Odle tried to duck when he realized Aguilar was going to shoot, Aguilar was able to disengage the safety and fired, striking Odle in the chest.

An only child who lived with his mother, several of Odle’s family members were in court when Aguilar was sentenced. At his June 2009 preliminary hearing, a close friend of Aguilar’s testified that Aguilar told him about the Circle K and other robberies. His friend testified Aguilar told him Odle refused to hand over the money and also made a face that Aguilar interpreted as making fun of him. 

During the sentencing, Campbell noted Aguilar’s reported remark to a probation officer that Odle would not have been shot if he had given him the money. Campbell said the remark made it obvious that Aguilar is a threat to society.

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