Letters to the Editor

July 22, 2011

The kindness of strangers    

To the Editor:

After a harrowing experience of thinking my wallet had been taken from the writing table at the post office at rush hour Wednesday and reporting it to the woman clerk collecting the mail at the outside boxes, I learned from her that it had actually been turned in! A young man gave it to her just before closing time. Needless to say I was relieved and grateful beyond measure.  

If you are that fine young man please identify yourself to the postal clerk who will put me in touch with you. I would like to thank you personally. Your kind and honest act has affirmed my faith in the good we humans can do. 

Audrey Vincent

Santa Paula

We need to give Obama credit

To the Editor:

We desperately need jobs everywhere but we have to give Obama credit for fighting Boeing opening a plant in South Carolina for 2,000 people. Also give him credit for closing down NASA in Florida, this will put 8,000 people out of work. Also give him full credit for raising taxes on small businesses and adding regulations that is discouraging employers from expanding. Obama’s number one priority today is buying union votes.

Obama deserves full credit for withholding drilling permits that kill and restrict oil exploration in the U.S. Thousands of good jobs lost in the U.S. and many drilling rigs going overseas this will keep gas cost up and Obama can force us to buy all electric cars. Now he is discouraging coal production with new regulations in favor of wind and solar.

Now can you afford more years of Obama’s Hope and Change  with his economic policies? I can’t!

David Kaiser

Santa Paula

Reverse gerrymandering

To the Editor:

Re: Star Article of Sunday, July 17 “Political Shake-up: Democrats Set Sights on Gallegly’s Seat”

In a recent election, the people of California voted by citizen proposition to change how Congressional Districts are formed. Previously, the politicians in Sacramento, and Washington, D.C., and to some extent, the major political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, created these districts. Frequently it was done in such a way as to favor the incumbents then in office. In Ventura County, that would include Elton Gallegly, a long-term conservative incumbent whom our local “liberals” or “progressives” hold in high disfavor, but who is doing an excellent job. So under some kind of banner of “pure democracy” or “fairness”, or to maybe “level the playing field” in Ventura County, the new districts now proposed would seem to put an end to Gallegly’s lock on the office by gerrymandering his district into a Democratic dominated district. How “fair” is that?

Isn’t this very issue that the voters wanted to correct? Is the logic that if we gerrymander in reverse, then it’s OK? If they can’t dislodge Gallegly at the ballot box, then it’s OK to do it by redrawing district lines to push him out?

In my letter to the editor of mid-June this year, I pointed out that having Dr. Gabino Aguirre in a position of power on the re-districting Committee would result in exactly what we now see happening: Reverse Gerrymandering. The Committee’s maps have been shrouded in secrecy, apparently because the members do not want to hear adverse comments. This issue is far too important for these kinds of political games. This type of behavior is the reason that we will likely have to further cut many critical programs.

Larry Sagely

Santa Paula

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