Letters to the Editor

May 20, 2011

I’m back

To the Editor:

After a big hiatus time off away from letter writing I have decided to come back and write about what I normally write about and that is what I feel. It has always been something that I have wanted to do again for a very long time again, and now here I am, I’m back, and I’m going to stay back for as long as I want and as long as I can, for whenever time permits, to write what I want to write about again and again and again.

While I was out recharging my train mind of thought and creative energies and what I want to say and how I want to say them, I said to myself go back and write again. People love your letters to the editor; they say you say what you say bout things by saying them in your own words, and what you say from your heart and mind and a lot of good things that you write about too. They also say that you speak your mind and also say what you feel and think, and you always put them in retrospect and in perspective, and also how you feel about things and how they are and then some, and etc., etc. and etc.

But just like a singer songwriter who needs a rest to recharge his and or her creative energies too, us letter writers need to do the same thing too. And that’s what I did – took some time off to rest and relax and recharge my creative energies and everything, too, so I can go back to writing those letters to the editor.

And so here I am, I’m back. And it’s good to be back, too, and I’m going to stay this way for a very, very long time. And I hope that I continue doing this for a very long time to come so I can write more for a long time to come, for as long as I can.

John Bravo

Santa Paula


Another great day for the books

To the Editor:

The Friends of Blanchard Community Library welcomed close to 50 volunteers (yes, that’s five-0) to help us put on another great Book Sale May 7th! This twice-a-year event was again a success, and put of $2,500 into the Library’s coffers. The Silent Auction again did its part with the usual serendipitous treasures, and it was a happy, busy place all day.

Among the busy helpers were: from Boy Scout Troop 304 Joseph Grumbine, Tom Becher, Alan Baer, Gus Graham, and Jesse Graham. From Girl Scout Troop 60287 Leader Marilyn Appleby, Scouts Zoe Appleby, Mimi Collins, Emily Lehman, and Sarah Jordan. From our loyal Library staff Isaac Mendoza and Irene Moreno; Library Board members Ed Geis, Brenda de Jamaer and family, Jack and Jake, also Beverly Mueller with Luana and Mariandrea. Highschoolers from the C.S. group were Isaac Rodriguez, Brandon Cerrillo, and Jordan Garcia. There were Teen Scene kids Johanna Contreras, Alan Arellano, and Jess Cobos; Key Club member Hannah Espinoza, and our perennial faithfuls from the Santa Paula Times Peggy Kelly and Suzi Skutley. Our “Mr. Personality” cashier Al Sundstrom, and others part-time cashiering from the Friends’ group. Always of course, running things from behind the scenes was tireless Library Director Dan Robles… Hey, Dan.

The many all-year Friends members who cull, stack, categorize, and box those thousands of hardbacks, paperbacks, games, puzzles, DVDs, etc. were there cashiering, bagging, and doing the many other things that always need doing… they were: Ellen Ruby, Pat Alderson, Mary Calkins, Chris Lemon, Steve Lattimore, Margaret Watts, Jean McGregor, and Steven Blatchley. Others (and we thank them all) are: Monse Ortega, Beth Watts, Robert Bagdazian, Xavier Bagdazian, Patrick Ternahan, “Mr. Perfect” Gene Marzec, Benny Estrella, John Watts, Jessica Magana, and Pam and Roger Strange.

We heartily thank all the volunteers (not forgetting those who returned at 3:00 o’clock to assist with the take-down!), and all you Santa Paula book-lovers who come and make these sales a success and support our wonderful Library! We could not do this fun thing without you all.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you all at the November 5th Friends’ Fall Book Sale!

Chris Lemon

Friends of the Blanchard Community Library


Memorial Day

To the Editor:

It all started 143 years ago on 30th of May - a holiday in most states of the United States.

This holiday has two names – Memorial Day and Decoration Day. It gets the first of these names because it is set aside in memory of the men who have died in fighting for their country. It gets its second name because on that day the graves of dead soldiers and sailors are decorated with flags and flowers.

Often there are big parades on Memorial Day. There is always a tiny special ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.

The observance of Memorial Day began soon after the war between the states ended. Many men had been killed in the war and people wanted some way of honoring them.

In many parts of the United States Memorial Day is now more than a time for honoring soldiers and sailors. It is a day for decorating the graves of all those who have died for our nation – freedom – rights. All the graves in many cemeteries are now covered with flags and flowers.

How many Americans stop and give a thank you or a prayer for them? Let them know we love you and we miss you.

No! We forget them. They don’t mean anything to us.

On July 4th – Memorial Day – Labor Day come round we sure love to celebrate their holiday by having fun.

Is our American veteran out enjoying their day? No, they get a flag and flowers and they are forgotten until another year.

Well I do love my country and I want to thank all those veterans and military that I do care for your and love you for giving your hearts to our freedom – and peace on earth.

Thank you – Happy Memorial Day. We’re coming home.

P.S. Look on the street – 50% are homeless veterans because no help.

Linda Lloyd

Santa Paula

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