Election Day is coming and city wants to encourage voter registration

August 25, 2010
Santa Paula News

In anticipation of the November 2 Gubernatorial Election, it’s time to think about registering to vote or to reregister if you have moved.

And while you’re at it consider voting by mail, the easiest and most comfortable way to take part in the democratic process.

According to Santa Paula Deputy City Clerk Peggy Higgins, the deadline to register to vote in the November 2 Gubernatorial Election is October 18. “The completed voter registration form must be mailed or delivered to the County Elections Office” at Ventura County Government Center on Victoria Avenue, Ventura by 5 p.m. on October 18, although Higgins noted mailed in applications will be accepted if postmarked the same day.

Got kids at home, high school seniors or anyone else close to that magic 18th birthday the legal age to vote? Higgins said those new voters who hope to go to the polls or mail in their ballots for the upcoming election must have been born on or before November 2, 1992 to be able to register to vote.

“If you choose to vote by mail, all you have to do is check the box on the voter registration form that shows you would like to receive ballots by mail.” Those already registered to vote who would like to vote by mail can visit http://recorder.countyofventura.org/elections.htm and change their registration preference to mail ballot online.

Sample ballots sent to each registered voter also have an attached card that can be completed and mailed back to vote by mail. The deadline for changing voter registration to a mail ballot is the end of the October 26 business day at the county elections office.

Higgins said registration forms - printed in English and Spanish - are available at Santa Paula City Hall, 970 E. Ventura St., at the Lobby Service Counter and the City Clerk’s desk. “Remember,” she added, “that City Hall is closed alternate Fridays and the Service Counter closes at 4:30 p.m. every day.”

Higgins is working on distributing voter registration forms to other locales in the city and running information on Time-Warner Cable Channel 10.

And when it comes to her voting preference? “I vote by mail just to make life easier,” but Higgins admitted, “I do miss the polling place though it seems that it was sometimes the only place you would see your neighbors. Pat (her husband) votes by mail also.”

Voter registration forms are also available throughout the city at the Community Services counter (Community Center), Community Development counter (City Hall complex), Blanchard Community Library (119 N. 8th St.), Chamber of Commerce (in the historic Depot, corner of 10th and Santa Barbara streets), Santa Paula Police counter (214 S. 10th St.), both Santa Paula Fire Stations (114 S. 10th St. and 536 W. Main St.), and at the Las Piedras Park Community Policing Building (at Las Piedras Park, Saticoy and 13th streets). For more information call Higgins at 933-4208.

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