Travelling around the world is always fun

June 02, 2010
Santa Paula News


Nel (van Oosten) and Ed (Silverman) (pictured top left) spend their summers in Holland and have been travelling around Europe seeing very special areas of the world. They will be sending pictures of their travels from time to time and the Santa Paula Times will share some of the special places they have stopped and seen.

Ancient town of Zadar

The Ancient town of Zadar is the first major tourist attractions going south, down the coast of Croatia. This region of Croatia is on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea (across from Italy on the west coast).Seventy percent of Zadar was destroyed in WWII, but later restored with the same architecture. Only a few of the really important structures remained undamaged. Here (top right photo), we see the original ninth century cathedral, an enormous structure for its time!

The Julian Alps of Slovenia

This gorgeous mountain range (bottom left photo) is in the northwest corner of Slovenia, at a 3-way junction with Austria, Italy, and Slovenia. We took a short-cut over the border from Austria (near Salzburg) - the mountain pass was a climb at a 19 degree angle! Thank goodness we have a 5-speed turbo-diesel RV! The sights here are breathtaking!

Trogir in Crotia

Trogir (photo bottom right) is a super-interesting coastal town in Croatia, the old town packed tightly on a small island. (The traffic at the main bridge to the island is a constant congestion.) The restaurants in this touristic land all try to outdo the other, and we constantly feast like royalty. And, the cost of meals never empties our pockets. On an after-dinner stroll through the winding cobble-stone streets, we bumped into a group of singers who were enjoying their Klapa music. This is acapello four, five, or six-part harmony - and its more haunting than Barbershop Harmony! We have bought several CDs of Klapa!

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