Saticoy Veterans Home to admit residents November 1

September 02, 2009
Santa Paula News

Itís been delayed, started and then stopped, but now the Veterans Home in Saticoy is scheduled to admit its new residents November 1.

By Peggy KellySanta Paula TimesItís been delayed, started and then stopped, but now the Veterans Home in Saticoy is scheduled to admit its new residents November 1. Brenda Menke, who was appointed by the California Department of Veterans Affairs to be the facilityís administrator, spoke at a recent meeting of petroleum producers and said construction of the 60-bed facility will be completed in October.The Veterans Home will offer 24 double-occupancy rooms and 12 private rooms for elderly veterans. Each resident will pay 55 percent of their income from pensions and Social Security, but not from assets such as property, capped at about $2,500 a month. Medications, laboratories and X-rays are paid for, and veterans will be transported to west Los Angeles for minor and scheduled surgeries.The model for the facility is more home-based rather than a traditional nursing home setting. The 127 employees will wear regular street clothes in lieu of uniforms.There are three veterans homes in the state, including Barstow, Chula Vista and Napa. Unlike the others, the Ventura facility will allow the spouse of a veteran admitted to the home to stay after their spouseís death.
Located near Telephone and Wells roads, the $26.5 million facility resulted from a bond measure passed by voters to provide more housing and service opportunities for veterans. In addition to residential care, the facility will offer an adult day healthcare center for 50 others, although that phase of the project has been delayed partly because of state budget cuts.More than 800 letters of interest have been received from veterans inquiring about spots in Ventura and the two other new homes. Residency will be allocated on a points system based on, among other things, whether a veteran was a prisoner of war, a Medal of Honor recipient or has a disability.Those eligible are California residents, 62 and older, who need assistance with aspects of daily living such as grooming, bathing, feeding and taking medication.An identical new veterans home will open in Lancaster the day before the Ventura home. Work is continuing on a 400-bed medical center in west Los Angeles, a facility that was criticized by veterans groups after it was enlarged, reducing the Lancaster and Ventura facilities.

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