Dear Santa

December 21, 2007
Santa Paula News
Dear Santu, I want a Teddy Bear and I want a princess Shirt and toy CarIrene Y. LaraDear, Santa ClausFor Christmas may I have marbles and some wrestlers for Christmas and army toys plus skateboards toy skateboards. Also I want some Video games $20.00 and lower.Your freind,Isaiah LaraDear Santa,Could I please have a toy car and a coloring Books. I also want a spongeBoB toy and Puzzles. I also want a Teddy Bear and trains and trucks. I also want animals.Isaac A. LaraDear Santathis Christmas I would like a panther stuffed animal. But can you please make it have pointy ears instead of round ears please. (Heres a picture of what it can look like.)Thank youCarlos Gomezage 7Dear Santa this Christmas I wouldlike to have cds and a prinses cash registr clos and a rabeo ples ples plesthank you SantaGabriela GomezDear Santa,This Christmas I would like a Christmas book and movie and a Transformer, please.Thank you,Marcos Gomezage 3Dear, SantI would like a bike, Wii, labtop, hodded sweeters, some money at the dollar store, guitar hero I, guitar hero III, guitar hero rocking the 80s, money at gamestop, clothes, books, A good Christmas feastDear SantaChristmas Holiday Bar Bie, pup, glamnourAvaDear SantaMy name is Jared. I am 7 years old. Will you bring me a Super nintendo 2 and a nintendo DS for Christmas. I have been a good boy this year.thank you JaredDear Santa –My name is Ryan. I am 4 years old. Will you please bring me a Game Boy for Christmas? I have been a good boy this year.Thank you –RyanDear Santa –My name is Ryleigh. I am 2 years old. I can’t write yet, so my grandma is writing this for me. I have been a very good girl this year and would like to get a Rose Petal Cottage for Christmas. I will leave you some cookies.Thank youRyleighDear Santa Paula TimesMy name is Ivry. I’m too little to write this letter so my Grandma is writing this letter for me. This Christmas I would like some toys that make a lot of noise.Merry X-mas Santa.Ivry Elane Petris6 mo. oldDear SantaMy name is Ivan. I am 4 years old. This Christmas I would like a lot of Spider-man toys, and Santa can you bring some toys for my little sister Ivry.P.S. no noisy toys for my sister please.Merry X-masIvan R. J. Petris4 yrs. oldDear Santa,How are you? How’s Rudolph? How is Mrs. Claus?For Christmas I would like a Nintendo DS plus games. I would like a Hello Kitty dart board, high school musical TV, Pixel Chick Roomate and a Barbie escalade.I have been a good girl and have only missed one on all my phonics tests.Have a good day.LoveVanessa Luna6 years oldfrom Santa Paulawho lives on Moultrie Place.P.S. Please come to my house.Dear Santa,For Christmas this year I would like a Swimming Baby Doll, and a Choo-Choo Train Set. Santa, I’ve been a good girl all year and have been helping a lot around the house; especially outside. Santa did you know that hundreds and hundreds of acorns have been falling off my oak tree – what a mess!!Love,Caitlin Berry (age 3)P.S. I have two questions for you: What do you feed the reindeer? How do the reindeer fly at night?P.S.S. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my neighbors and friends on Woodland Drive.Dear Santa Clause,I’ve been a good boy. I will want a W-E-E and the new wrestling game, How have all the raindeers been?Love Angelage 6Dear Santa,I’ve been a really good boy this year. I did a Christmas program at school, and I was a wiseman. I would like a life size wrestling ring so my brother and I can wrestle in it. Enjoy your trip around the world.loveAlex age 4Dear SantaI’ve been a really good girl this year. I’m trying really hard to go potty in the tolet. I would like princess stuff. Say Hi to Mrs. Clauslove
Rose Age 2Dear Santa,Merry Christmas! This year Please bring me some little toy soldiers; some play toy football players with a coach because I want a play football team; A toy dirt bike with a driver; A big fire engine that I can ride, A bird from the pet store, and some books because I love books. And anything else you want to give me because I am a very good boy. Thank you Santa. I will leave you some hot cocoa and I will leave some carrots for all your reindeer in case they’re hungry.I Love You SantaRicky Martin Age 3 ˝Dear SantaThis is my first Christmas. I’m only 5 months old but I’ve been a very good girl.For Christmas I would like a walker and a jumper. My mommy doesn’t want me to ask for any loud toys. Maybe you can bring me some teething toys instead.I’ll leave you some milk and cookies. Hopefully my daddy doesn’t beat you to it.Love Angel Marie AlvarezPS Can you bring something extra special for my 2 Grandmas and my Grandpa.Dear Santa,I have been a good boy, so please bring me some toys.I want a fire truck with a hose and some lights. I also want some new play cars and some trucks, some puzzles and some tinker toys. Please bring me some books, sweats and new shoes.I will leave you some cookies. And I will leave some brocalli and carrots for the reigndeer by the fireplace.Love you,Ethan Eric age 2 ˝Dear SantaMy name is Hazel Santos. I want a Cinderalla cash register for Christmas. I am 4 years old and have been a good girl. My new baby brother is Gabriel and he wants baby toys.Dear SantaI would like to have a Trasformes because I’m been good boy.Emanuel Luna4 yrs oldDear Santa,My name is Breanna. I really want a computer game, craft, boys glue, markers, crayons.Breanna Garcia 4 yrs oldHello Santa ClausMy name is Justice Ortega. I wished to have Mom and dad for Chrismas. I have spend 4 years with Grandmama and Grandpapa but I loved them both but I missed mom and dad, Toys are okey Barbies, baby alive, a build a bear any toy in okey but my wish is mom and dad.Thanks SantaI love you.P.S. My sister Genesis help me write this letterJustice Ortega 4 yrs oldDear Santa,My name is Yovanna. Presents and toys and candies, and I want to have a hat like the one in the store. StickersThank you,Yovanna4 yrs oldDear Santa Clause,I want a Dora’s talking kitchen, bike and a toy vacume cleaner. And Dora’s talking cash register.Sincearly,Denise Tinajero4 yrs oldRicardo para Santa ClosSanta Clos quiero que Metraigas, 2 Dinosaurios por que me eportado vien con mis papas y mis ermanos vai Santa Clos tes pero en casa.Ricardo PerezDear Santa,For Christmas this year can you just tell my Daddy that I Love and Miss him. He is away with the U.S. Marines and he will be missing Christmas this year.I haven’t seen him in a long time and Me and Mommy are ready for him to come home now!Thanks Santa,Michael S. Perez Jr.1 yr. oldDear Santa,I want an Island Princess Barbie and lots of Barbies. Also Santa both of my uncles are in the Marines – my Uncle Michael and my Uncle David. Can you please send them home safe.Love You SantaSadie Rico4 yrs oldDear Santa,My name is Gregorio Jr Arenas. I am four years old. for christmas I would like a lot of toys and presents. I would like a play car, a castle and I would really like 2 scooters, one for me an one for my little brother nathan. I will put cookies and candies for you. Thank you.LoveGreg Jr ArenasAge 4Dear SantaMy name is Nathan Arenas. I am 3 years old. For Christmas I would like a lot of teenage mutant ninja turtle toys, they are my favorite. I really like power rangers and Scooby Doo. I would be happy with any of those toys. I hope you stop by my house so I can put cookies and milk for you. Thank you.LoveNathan X. ArenasAge 3My Letter to SantaDear Santa Clause,My name is Jazlyn v. Arenas. I am eight years old. My dream is on christmas eve night I see you. My favorite season is winter. I love Christmas. Tell Roodof I said hi I hope you got my christmas list. It is just one thing I really, really, really, want & it is the Hannah Montana bed spred!LoveJazlyn v. ArenasDear Santa Claus,My name is Cece Vega I am 3 years old. I have been a good girl this year. I always help my nana do things around the house. She says I am a “Good Helper.” For christmas I would like a pink game boy, and an I POD of my own so I don’t have to borrow my Tia Rose’s. I would really love a guitar too. And please Santa would you bring my cousin Cori a new toy she’s only 7 days old and So So cute! I will leave you some cookies by the Christmas tree.I Love You,Ceceleea Niquole Vega

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