(Top photo) The 2007 Cardinal JV football team: Ivan Vigil (C), Santana Lazos, Leo Vazquez, Jesse Vega (C), Duke Delgadillo, Esteban Magana, Ivan Andalon, Bobby Luna, Adrian Gonzalez, Tyler Vandergeugten, Alex Velazquez, Armando Ramirez, Michael Leal, James Fullmer, Nick Buenrostro, Ramiro Neria (C), Paco Willard, Corey Furr, Ignacio Baez, Ulices Soto, Alex Sandez, Miguel Valdovinos, Marcus Lugo, Robert Bennett, Joseph Morales, Jorge Navarro, Joel Chavez, Jeremy Welch, Aaron Chavez, Nick Garcia, Talon Smith, Dakota Foster, Juan Vigil, Luis Rojas, Jon Stephenson, Michael Cable, Steven Monen, Rene Sanchez, Ramiro Rico, Abraham Viveros, Jesse Brown (C) (“C” denotes Team Captains). (Bottom photo) The Cardinal JV lines up with Manual Arts in last week’s scrimmage.

Cardinal JV team looking good for the 2007 season, coaches happy with attitude & hustle

September 07, 2007
Coaches watch first scrimmage at home last week
JV Coach Henry Jacinto is enthusiastic about the new season. The 2007 JV football team has been looking great since practice began on August 13th.At this point we are miles ahead of where we were at this point last season. With only six returning players from last year we were worried about our numbers. But, currently we have 41 players (23 freshmen and 18 sophomores). Our six returning veterans are all doing great. Bobby Luna is the starting running back, Ivan Vigil and Jessie Brown are starting at linebacker and at wide receiver and tight end on offense, Ramiro Neria is our other starting wide receiver and a defensive back, Jesse Vega has taken over the quarterbacking duties and has been outstanding at practice. He will also play some free safety for us. Steven Monen is vastly improved as one of our linemen.Newcomers to watch are sophomores Ivan Andalon as a running back and defensive back, Rene Sanchez and Juan Vigil as linemen, Ignacio Baez as a back/receiver and defensive back and kicker/punter, and Nick Buenrostro as a defensive back and running back. Key freshmen to watch are Leo Vazquez as a defensive back and receiver, Paco Willard as a fullback, Joseph Morales as a TE/receiver and defensive end and linemen Joel Chavez, Jeremy Welch and Talon Smith. Ulices Soto is also doing well as a defensive end.
We are extremely happy with all the players’ attitudes, hustle and work ethic. We look great at practice but we really cannot judge how well we can do until we play against an opponent. Our league is real tough but we are hopeful we can win some league games. Our real goal for the season is not necessarily to win games but to give all our players quality game experience and to play well and improve as the season progresses. We want to get them ready for their varsity years. As long as they attend practice and work hard they will see action in every game. We have an excellent coaching staff in James Craig, Hank Almanza and Jon Duran.

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