Tuff N ‘Nuff girls take 3 of 4 games

September 27, 2006
Tuff N ‘Nuff, a Santa Paula girls’ 10-under softball team has won three of their four games. Game Results:SP Tuff N ‘Nuff 5 El Rio Thunder 0Top Hitters: Felicia Magana, single; Miranda Magana, double; Anyssa Cabral, double, triple; Andrea Payne, double.Winning Pitcher: Marissa Ramos (5 strikeouts)SP Tuff N ‘Nuff 9 Ojai 1Top Hitters: Marissa Ramos, single, double; Anyssa Cabral, single; Danica Garcia, single.Winning Pitcher: Miranda Magana (7 strikeouts). Save: Anyssa Cabral (2 strikeouts)SP Tuff N ‘Nuff 12 Camarillo Crushers 1
Top Hitters: Miranda Magana, single; Marissa Ramos, homerun; Anyssa Cabral, homerun.Winning Pitcher: Miranda Magana (5 strikeouts). Save: Aliya Alamillo (2 strikeouts)Brats with Bats 4 SP Tuff N ‘Nuff 2Top Hitters: Kayla Stockton, triple.SP Pitchers: Miranda Magana (4 strikeouts), Marissa Ramos (2 strikeouts)

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