Letters to the Editor

April 07, 2000
Generosity abounds... To the Editor:We in this community are blessed with groups and individuals who are willing to give time and money to help various causes in Santa Paula.I want to thank the Odd Fellows Lodge for their contribution of time and skills to prepare the spaghetti dinner served at the Community Center March 12th. The proceeds will be used at the Senior Center to continue making it a central place for our seniors to go for help and information.Thank you gentlemen for your wonderful dinner and for the time and effort you devoted to making this so special. The only thing we, the Santa Paula Commission on Aging, had to do was make the brownies, which we wanted to do to continue Les Maland’s legend into this century.You men are a great asset to Santa Paula.Elaine Price, ChairmanSanta PaulaIn appreciation...To the Editor:We have been meaning to write the Santa Paula Times for a long time and compliment the entire staff for their successful efforts on reporting the local news and for their support and love of this city. Your cooperation with press releases for the Aviation Museum of Santa Paula and other organizations, your friendliness and helpful attitude are greatly appreciated. Don, Debbie, Peggy, Pat, Suzi, Diana, we salute you!Bob and Sally PhelpsSanta PaulaTeen pregnancyTo the Editor:Teen pregnancies and abortions are important because many teen girls are getting pregnant too young.I think parents should discuss pregnancy with their children. They should make them realize that having a baby at an early age is not a smart idea. They need to think about sex, that it’s not just a physical act, but has a lot of emotions involved. I have seen many of my high school friends get pregnant. It ruined up their high school plans.Parents should offer birth control pills to their children. Pills do not promote sexual activity, they prevent pregnancies. If teen girls get pregnant, instead of getting an abortion, each should be counseled to have someone adopt it. The baby will have a better and healthier life from people who are ready for that next step in life.Stephanie GutierrezSanta PaulaStop pollutingTo the Editor:We are Student Leaders of Bedell School. We are concerned that since 75% of our world is water and if we pollute our oceans we are going to lose them if we don’t stop polluting. If you pollute our oceans “YOU” will kill animals such as turtles, fish, whales, sharks, dolphins, ducks, seals, walruses, and otters. Since I just told you so much about pollution I hope you stop polluting our oceans. I’d really like that!Robyn SaldinoGrade 2Protect our worldTo the Editor:We are student leaders at Bedell Elementary School. We want you to know that we need to protect our world because we are going to lose our oceans. 75% of our world is made up of oceans. We don’t want to lose it. Generations from now we want our children to live in a beautiful world, not a polluted one. We need to “reduce, reuse, recycle” and try to prevent oil spills. The oil spill in Santa Paula Creek destroyed many animals such as birds and endangered trout. We should be ready for another spill by having a trained group of professional oil spill cleaners ready to go.Thank you and be sure to recycle,Ally E. GialketsisGrade 4
Start recyclingTo the Editor:We the student leaders of Bedell are concerned about losing our oceans. We think that if people stop littering, a lot more animals would be saved instead of dying. I think it is best if we start recycling instead of throwing things onto the ground.Rebekah RamirezGrade 3Correction...To the Editor:It was reported in the Santa Paula Times, April 5, that Sally Phelps, Women of History honoree, had helped create First Sunday of the Month at the Airport when, in fact, Steve Pfister, popular and much loved pilot and mechanic who called Santa Paula Airport home, created this event years ago before his untimely death of cancer. In my presentation it was stated that “we (husband Bob and myself) had been involved with the First Sunday of the Month.”Future plans for the Aviation Museum will include a memorial for Steve who contributed so much.Sally PhelpsSanta PaulaCardinal thanksTo the Editor:The Cardinal JV baseball team wants to thank all the players’ sponsors. Thanks to your generosity we were able to raise over $2,200 for equipment and supply needs for our season: Cape West Marine Service, Margie Harrell, Manuel and Norma Prado, Larry Prado, David and Carmen Gonzalez, Santa Paula Elementary School District Board Member Tony Perez, Hector Acosta, Maria Macias, Noemi Loza and Chris Hernandez, Michael Lopez, Tony Magdaleno, Larry Frunk, Elizabeth Mack, Lorena and John Fahey, Leanor Diaz, Jack and Laura Rappoldt, Mandle Carpets, Bob and Sandy Lasby, M & M Carpet, Claude and Beverly Wells, Sespe Farm Management, George and Patricia Sanchez, Gary and Milane Acevedo, Madeline Ricards, Sonny Acevedo, Bob and Joy Campos, Teresa Ming, Bonnie Acevedo, Charles Smith, Antonia Frausto, Edward Gomez, Eddie and Sonia Contreras, Dr. Robert Dekkers, M.D., John and Christine Holladay, Antonio and Esperanza Nuno, Jolu, Inc. dba Premier Realty and Premier National Home Loan, Raymond Maida, Margarita Espinoza, Bea Prado, Gold Coast Senior Softball, Ben and Anita Osuna, Chris Sigala, Calla Ramirez, Dick and Myrna Garrison, Oxnard Elks, Bill and Carol Sternberg, David Rochelle, Rey Frutos, Richard Ruiz, Maximino and Rebecca Torres, Wayne and Diana Noblitt, Brian and Sandy Rairdan, Bob and Sharon Vogt, Don and Shirley Daniel, Ken and Billy Bevel, Martin Vogt, Mike and Cheryl Johnson, Barbara Beck, Beck Walkup and Leona Burns, Carolyn Wilbur, Robert and Dorothy Richardson, Dr. Stanley Clark, M.D. and Carolyn Clark, Kathryn Wilbur, Tracy West and Timothy Geiges, Katherine Zwers, Gary and Terri Conner, Vicente Ayala, Rodrigo and Maria Martinez, Rafael and Bertha Montoya, Jaime and Carrie Padilla, Elsa and Salvador Montoya, and Miguel Montoya.Thanks!Henry JacintoSanta PaulaAn irresistible invitationTo the Editor:Nosing in and around people’s private homes can be fun, but a little risky if it’s not by invitation. The annual Santa Clara Valley Hospice House and Garden tour provides a safe opportunity for such activity and the interest is greatly enhanced by Molly King’s informative and intriguing articles about the homes. Those stories and, of course, ice cream at the Whistle Stop Café make the Sunday tour irresistible.Bill GlennSanta PaulaThanks for honorTo the Editor:I want to thank the Santa Paula Women of History Committee, the Santa Paula Theater Center Readers Theater, Mary Deines, Bonnie Bruington, Marianne Ratcliff, Kay Wilson, Robin Sullivan, and everyone else that was involved, for the opportunity to be included in this program and to be so honored.A special thank you to talented Linda Livingston for making my biography sound so interesting. I feel so pleased to be included in this current group of women - Gabie Reeves, Lupe Castro, Fran Feagles, Beverly Harding - and also be able to join the ranks of the accomplished women who have obtained this award in the past.Sally PhelpsSanta Paula

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