Council approves purchase of new sound system

March 29, 2000
Santa Paula City Council
Municipal business will be clearer, easier to record and provide better audio tape copies with the approval of a new sound system by the City Council. The council approved the purchase at the March 20th meeting.City Clerk Victor Salas and Fire Chief Paul Skeels have been working on a new system for many months after complaints were received that the sound system in the council was weak, creating problems not only for those in the audience but reflected in the poor quality of audio tapes that were often found to be inaudible. The city team charged with exploring the purchase of a new sound system even visited Ventura City Hall’s City Council Chambers to see what its set-up is.Now, eight space friendly goose-neck microphones, amplifiers and related equipment, as well as a dual cassette audio tape deck, will be purchased, according to the staff report. Goose-neck microphones take up minimal desk top space to better allow room for paperwork.The council has tried out various microphones over the last few meetings and sound equipment has been tested.Although the staff report noted that the equipment would cost approximately $5,000, split evenly between General Fund and Redevelopment Agency coffers, Salas said he was able to negotiate the price down to less than $4,300.
Two Ventura-based vendors submitted proposals to upgrade the system which includes the dual cassette audio tape recorder that will record up to four hours without the need to change cassette tapes. . .the unit allows the tapes to record both sides as needed with having to flip the cassette over to the blank side.Also included in the acquisition will be a sound mixer.

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